We don’t want to fix capitalism in crisis, we want to destroy it !

The Toulouse branch of the Réseau Communiste Anti-gestionnaire (Communist and Anti-management Network) launch a campaign to raise money and help financing the opening of a political place in the city

A place which will support the working class struggle

As the financial crisis deepens a bit more everyday, the attacks against the working class multiply. We need tools and skills to defend ourselves. In Toulouse, there is a lack of places which could be open to groups who fight and promote the class struggle.

There are already many places for alternative or cultural activities. What’s missing in Toulouse, are places to attack power, the state and bosses. Places to organize our solidarity.
This place would help, as a place for collectives to have a permanent physical space, a place to gather and to organize the struggle together… A place for those who cannot go to a union, those for whom the union is not longer sufficient. A place that would help us get organised to react against landlords, against our boss, against the so-called justice. In a word, a place to help us to fight in the daily struggle.

A place for revolutionnary, communist and anti-management ideas to grow in Toulouse.

There is nothing to expect from all the managers of all sides, including those who claim they will paint capitalist society in red. Each discourse that want to manage capital better, differently or whatever, has the same goal : to manage poverty and exploitation, to change politics but to maintain the existing class relation, to find a ‘fair’ share for the crumbs which are smaller everyday, to perpetuate the current gender relation between people.

We don’t have any proposal for a better way to manage capitalist society : we want to destroy it. This political place we want would be a tool to share our revolutionary ideas, to discuss, to debate. To meet.


In a word, a place for communism. That is, a revolutionnary way to struggle which implies getting rid of social classes, genders, the state, value, private property… And the list of all the crap that we need to get rid of and on which capilalism is built goes on…

Meanwhile, we need money !

We’re all workers, unemployed, minimum wage earners, so obvioulsy we are not rolling in money. We are asking for your help, according to your resources. We assume that people who will be interested in this project aren’t rolling in money either, but you know, any help even the smallest will be welcome.



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